What Q Means to Me – Anon


Q means destiny’s in our hands, not controlled behind a curtain.
Q means a country comprised of borders, not of bedlam.
Q means faith in our future, not fear of tomorrow.
Q means the character of our fellow man, not the color of his skin.
Q means the celebration of life, not the worship of death.
Q means the sharing of ideas, not of their censorship.
Q means knowledge for all, not reserved for the few.
Q means safety for our children, not for their abusers.
Q means power to the people, not profit for the powerful.
Q means justice is blind, not bought and buried.
Q means a government for us, not for the highest bidder.
Q means patriotism, not payment.
Q means logic, not lies.
Q means inquiry, not ignorance.
Q means peace, not war.
Q means freedom, not slavery.
Q means good, not evil.
Q means light, not darkness.
Q means you.
Q means me.
Q means we.
Q means an Awakening. A Great one.

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