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1/ Do you realise how lucky we are? To have been privileged enough to have known what has been going on the last year and a half. To have front row seats to the greatest event the world has ever known is something truly special.

2/ that something was going on, we had an idea of a mass arrest type scenario, it had been in the backwaters of the internet for some time. We knew about corruption and parts of what we now call the cabal, but boy oh boy when Q turned up we started to learn that we knew

3/I can’t tell you how much this intelligence operation has galvanised patriots around the globe and how much they have taught us about our world. Not only about how it really works, but to discern the bullshit from a mile off. Make no mistake we are now a

4/ major force to be reckoned with, Q patriots are in every corner of the planet. We break apart information like it’s nothing to us. We fight the establishment harder and more intelligent than ever before. We are united by an entity that has proven itself to be the vehicle

5/ to A Great Awakening of an entire planet. – “Future Proves Past” Ask yourself if the world was to be cleaned up by a global network of good people, would they need some sort of backchannel to the parts of the population that are aware of this nightmare already? You would

6/ need to organically grow awareness in one area and then let it become so huge and so encompassing that it then begins to reach further and into the mainstream. Otherwise no one would have any idea what would be happening. – That is why we have Qanon.

7/  They need US just as much as we need THEM. This is a symbiotic relationship. We learn and grow as a global unit and in turn we bring about the awakening of our fellow men and women and prepare them for when the real truth starts

8/ to drop. As you can see the world is changing in ways you never thought possible. We say that all the time but that isn’t some phrase we throw around likely, look around you. Everything we see happening is a product of a major move by a force of good people known only as

9/ the Alliance. It consists of patriot networks around the globe pushing and fighting to rid the earth of this evil that has plagued it for millennia. The crux of this fight is the United States, the last refuge of light and power. If it were to have fallen under the

10/ presidential direction of Hillary Clinton the world would be in the midst of WW3. A nuclear catastrophe never before seen on this planet. That is the gravity of the situation that was avoided. Q has shown us the 16 year plan to destroy America. Its pretty shocking and

11/ quite obvious once you start to look back on Hussein’s 8 years in office. Q came here to UNIFY us and help us create a movement like no other. We have to bypass the mainstream media in order to reach the hearts and minds of the people. That is our job. That is our goal!

12/ – WE are Q. – WE are The Great Awakening. – WE ARE THE NEWS NOW. WE are the WAYSHOWERS to our fellow humans, the ones that are about to awaken from their deep sleep. They are the ones that are going to need a helping hand to guide them through the information that is

13/ about to come to light. We were all born for this. If you are here at this time and you have understood fully what is occurring globally then you were meant to be here all along. Every mistake, decision and event has led you towards this very moment on Earth. To stand

14/ firm in your truth, through ridicule and slander, through lies and propaganda we fight. We fight and we fight until we accomplish our goals. That goal is when a liberal is standing right beside us fighting the very evil they have been fighting for all along, when your

15/ friends and your family and all the strangers in the country are all saying the same things, calling out the same people. Fighting for what is right. Eradicating what is wrong. That is where we are heading. Q IS VITAL! Learn about ‘The Plan’. Ask yourself why so much

16/ chaos in global politics? Why so much fear? Why so many populist movements and protests for transparency and truth? Why so much exposure of political crimes? Why the yellow vest movement? Why is north korea stopping missile testing? Where is ISIS? Why are there major

17/ troop pullbacks to America? Why all the lies and chaos in Westminster? Why all the fear of a NO DEAL? Why are so many questioning the status Quo? THIS IS THE GREAT AWAKENING! YOU ARE FIGHTING FOR SOMETHING BIGGER THAN YOURSELVES. YOU ARE FIGHTING FOR THE RIGHT TO LIVE.

18/ THE RIGHT TO LOVE. THE RIGHT TO EXIST. THIS IS A FIGHT FOR THE HUMAN RACE. This is a fight against the greatest evil the world has ever known, and guess what? WE’RE WINNING! #PatriotsWorldWide

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