FISA Declas Drains the Swamp

FISA = Implicates Senior Members of UK MI5/6/SIS, US Intel, WH, FVEY, R Party (Congress/Senate) of known corruption in effort to retain power and rig election + safeguard event(s) by Political kill to act while in power given MSM fake push Russia Narrative. FISA = Ties MSM Heads (TV/Behind/Corp) to D Party other foreign Heads of State in co-op strategy . .


Foreign assist underway w/ DOJ. #FlyMayFly

Ted Cruz Also Spied On

Follow the Watch . .

The Mueller Question – The Dig

I promised this thread and it took longer than expected. By the time you’re done reading it I believe you will know EXACTLY who Robert Mueller (RM) is and whether or not he’s a black hat, grey hat, or white hat. I’ve explored every single Q drop I can find regarding RM.

Pepe it’s Digital Clown War – MemezMatter!

WE ARE THE NEWS NOW. EDITOR NOTE: First watch the below video. It is the real deal! Then, click on the audio and listen to

Amazon Spying with Ring (Door Bot)?

WE ARE THE NEWS NOW. Qdrop 3305Q!!mG7VJxZNCI29 Mar 2019 – 1:53:48 PM Amazon purchase of Ring.Ring app install allows for access to device?Location services on?Data

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