Look Close Enough . .

Follow the Watch.

The Wing Coven – Familiar Faces – Now called Spaces

It is time for Christians to fully understand what and who is not only working against us but how well funded they are in this spiritual war. AND they have the PR machine behind them . . WAKE UP AMERICA

Smollett Federal Charges Soon?

Watch the news.

Message to Taegan Goddard: Try Harder!

Try Harder!
Nothing can stop what is coming.

B2 Stealth Bomber: 30yrs Later Mueller Testifies

Stealth Bomber.
Date of 1st flight?
Date of Mueller’s testimony?

The Greatest Coordinated Misinformation Attack Ever Against the Public

You are witnessing the greatest ‘coordinated’ misinformation attack (campaign) ever to be launched against the public – all in an effort to protect themselves from prosecution (public exposure) and regain power (control).

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