Coats Before DECLASS

HOW DID WE NOT SEE THIS BEFORE?? So obvious. Ugh. Kicking myself. C Before D’ – Coats before DECLASS

Never Interfere with an Enemy When . .

These people are stupid.
Enjoy the show! Q

Look Close Enough . .

Follow the Watch.


EVERGREEN – Research the Communications.

Q Makes Request of Board Owner

Please revert bread back to original form. New structure eliminates / reduces ‘hive mind’ cataloging & expansion. Why change a good thing?

#SayIt EllieB – Essential Storytelling Recent Interviews

WE ARE THE NEWS NOW. #SayIt EllieB on Uncensored- 17minutes Link above is recent interview on n UNCENSORED- Patriots Soapbox Network NEW WEEKLY SEGMENT #SayIt

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