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Political Jihad is their Game

“POLITICAL JIHAD IS THEIR GAME.” Boomerang AGAINST the false narrative that Trump and his supporters are racist. It is a lie. Period.


EVERGREEN – Research the Communications.

You, Awake, Is Their Greatest Fear

When you are DIVIDED, you are weak. When you are WEAK, you have no power. When you have no POWER, you have no CONTROL. .

Q Makes Request of Board Owner

Please revert bread back to original form. New structure eliminates / reduces ‘hive mind’ cataloging & expansion. Why change a good thing?

Google Unfairly Influenced Election – Millions of Votes

WE ARE THE NEWS NOW Qdrop 3441 Google Unfairly Influenced the 2016 Election in Hillary’s Favor by Millions of Votes Q!!mG7VJxZNCI17 Jul 2019 – 7:43:41

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