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Epstein – Flight Travel Prior to Arrest, Les Wexner

Before his July 6 arrest, Jeffrey Epstein’s private jets criss-crossed the globe every third day, most often between airports near his properties in the United States and France.

#SayIt EllieB – Essential Storytelling Recent Interviews

WE ARE THE NEWS NOW. #SayIt EllieB on Uncensored- 17minutes Link above is recent interview on n UNCENSORED- Patriots Soapbox Network NEW WEEKLY SEGMENT #SayIt

Re-entering the Public Domain

WE ARE THE NEWS NOW. Qdrop 3355 Q!!mG7VJxZNCI8 Jul 2019 – 3:11:43 PMAnonymous 8 Jul 2019 – 3:00:47 PM>>6954422ANON TO Q:Welcome back QSo good to

William Tompkins – The Dig

WE ARE THE NEWS NOW. EDITOR NOTE:This is a fascinating thread. Fascinating man.What is the truth?Will we ever know what has been kept from us

The Mueller Question – The Dig

I promised this thread and it took longer than expected. By the time you’re done reading it I believe you will know EXACTLY who Robert Mueller (RM) is and whether or not he’s a black hat, grey hat, or white hat. I’ve explored every single Q drop I can find regarding RM.

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