Bigger [slam-dunk] charges coming?

Public understanding of events just around the corner.

Human Trafficking Report – 2018

Criminal defendants used the internet to solicit buyers of commercial sex in 87.7% of the sex trafficking cases active in 2018.

Godfather III. It’s Going to be Biblical.

Godfather III
It’s going to be BIBLICAL.
“He sent among them swarms of flies, which devoured them, and frogs, which destroyed them.” Psalm 78:45

DNC Servers Hold Many Answers

DNC server(s) hold many answers.


QArmy China, QArmy Japan, QArmy Korea. WWG1WGA!!! Q

How Do You Clean ‘Dirty’ Money?

The President of the United States retweeted this graphic.
Pause, re-read above.
Pause, re-read above (again).
Nature is unpredictable.

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