Kingpins of the Caribbean

Epstein is not the first kingpin of the Caribbean. In fact, there were many before him. This is the hidden history of CIA black ops in the Caribbean – from No Name Key to Norman’s Cay to Disney’s Castaway Cay and beyond.

Control Information – Control People

patriot: One who loves, supports, and defends one’s country. – A person who loves his country, and zealously supports and defends it and its interests. – Patriotic; devoted to the welfare of one’s country: as, patriot zeal.

Obama Obama Obama. We See You.

Loretta Fuddy plane crash .. Kenya. #Obummer is done . .

KNOWINGLY Disseminating FALSE Information – the LEAKERS & TRAITORS

Important to remember.
Public ‘Guide’ _ DECLAS

B2 Stealth Bomber: 30yrs Later Mueller Testifies

Stealth Bomber.
Date of 1st flight?
Date of Mueller’s testimony?

Epstein Island – Owl, Tunnels, Symbolism

Tunnels underneath? How many channels captured on RC’s pic? Rooms indicate size. Hallways shown?

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