Rebuke the Fear – Put Armor On #GODwins

[They] want us afraid & silenced! ANYTHING to shut us up & harm .. flick the narrative OFF your shoulder, armor on, chin up, and head held high! Remember the darkness CANNOT create only LIE & DECEIVE.

Little St James – Disney Cruise Line and Magical Kingdoms

Afterward, make your way to your second snorkel stop — Little St James Island — where curious fish dart back and forth in the clear blue water, and colorful coral formations nestle next to amazing underwater formations.

The Wing Coven – Familiar Faces – Now called Spaces

It is time for Christians to fully understand what and who is not only working against us but how well funded they are in this spiritual war. AND they have the PR machine behind them . . WAKE UP AMERICA

The Great Awakening is Our Azusa

WE ARE THE NEWS NOW WakeUp Church Leaders. #WWG1WGA #FactsMatter #GreatAwakening #The Storm #DigitalSoldier #ChurchLeaders #Azusa #WeAreTheNewsNow DOItQ.Mediais the blog.Official website is DOItQ.News