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POTUS Retweets Account with Video on Secret Pedo and Human Sacrifice Rings
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Now what are the odds of that?


EDITOR NOTE: The twitter account POTUS retweeted has been suspended:

In case Twitter takes down the above tweet mentioned in the Qdrop – here is the youtube video of these two children. For many of us who work in human trafficking and research of satanic ritual/occult THIS video haunts us:

Police hunting runaway mother who tortured her two children into inventing fantasy claims about a satanic sex cult run by their father

A specialist police child abuse team is investigating Ella Draper, 42, and her partner Abraham Christie after they forced her two children to lie about sexual abuse and ritual torture in Hampstead, North London. 

Dozens of innocent people were falsely named as paedophiles as part of their online campaign.

Draper was in the middle of a battle with the children’s father, Ricky Dearman, 46, over access arrangements when she falsely accused him of sexual abuse, which resulted in him receiving death threats. 

Draper, who is now believed to have fled abroad, is wanted for questioning by police over the false allegations which she continues to make in online videos and articles, sparking fears of vigilante attacks.

A judge last week branded her claims that her children’s father was leading a 100-strong Satanic paedophile ring based at Christ Church Primary School in Hampstead as ‘utter nonsense’.

Mrs Justice Pauffley named and shamed Draper and Christie in a written ruling on care proceedings brought by a local council and said their internet campaign about the cult was ‘evil’ and ‘baseless’.

The judge completely cleared Mr Dearman and all others named in the campaign of any abuse and called the material published on the internet ‘nothing more than utter nonsense’.

‘I am entirely certain that everything Ms Draper, her partner Abraham Christie and the children said about those matters was fabricated,’ she said. ‘The claims are baseless. Those who have sought to perpetrate them are evil and or foolish. 

The judge also suggested the couple may have fed the two youngsters, aged eight and nine, cannabis soup to gain their compliance.

Mrs Justice Pauffley ruled: ‘Torture is the most accurate way to describe what was done by Mr Christie in collaboration with Ms Draper. 

‘Both children were assaulted by Mr Christie by being hit with a metal spoon on multiple occasions over their head and legs, by being pushed into walls, punched, pinched and kicked. 

‘Water was poured over them as they knelt semi-clothed.’

More than four million people around the world have viewed the online material and police were forced to protect worried parents at the gates of Christchurch Primary School where the ‘main action’ was alleged to have happened, the court heard.

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