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So much talent amongst Anons. For years, I have promoted rising talent around the globe. Never in my wildest imagination would I have thought that my activism for truth would collide with my PR skills.

That is how God rolls.

I have a friend. His name is Sean Cordicon.
He is a patriot and friend to many.
He is a researcher and a broadcaster.
He is also a rapper.
Cordicon and I have a hero in common – General Flynn.
We are ALL-IN to honor and support General Flynn and his family.

How [THEY] tried to set up GenFlynn & Failed:

This news rap video is different. On many levels. Imagine being of the Z GENERATION .. or even a Millennial. One may successfully argue that creativity and truth combined with visuals, song and facts could very well get their attention.

Saul Bradly wrote a long thread once. It was spot on. So I rapped it. Patriots protect Patriots.

Sean Cordicon

General Mike Flynn Defense Fund

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