Courage of Faith – “Drop Your Net & Follow Me”

I choose to live a life without fear;
a life that is all-in to walking in the light of God.
I have questions to ask.
I have hope to offer.
Fear says we must each have ‘labels’ assigned
AND we must stick to the narrative.
Courage of Faith says drop your net and follow Me.
I don’t need to understand how the plan unfolds ..
I just need to do my part.
Because until my last breath, I am all-in to save the children.

Pepe it’s Digital Clown War – MemezMatter!

WE ARE THE NEWS NOW. EDITOR NOTE: First watch the below video. It is the real deal! Then, click on the audio and listen to

Are Bill & Hillary Clinton Involved with Child Trafficking? – CoreysDigs

WE ARE THE NEWS NOW EDITOR NOTE: Honored to support and promote my friend, Corey Lynn. Without a doubt, history will show she is one

RAYJ – Candace Owens Was Disrespected & Owed Apology

WE ARE THE NEWS NOW. RAYJ REPORTING RAYJ REPORTING #SayIt #RayJ #WWG1WGA  #FactsMatter  #GreatAwakening  #TheStorm   #DigitalSoldier   #WeAreTheNewsNow  DOItQ.News

My Fellow Americans – RayJ P.S. I may run for office & Ted Lieu You’re a BUM

WE ARE THE NEWS NOW. RAY J REPORTING RAY J REPORTING #SayIt #RAYJ #WWG1WGA  #FactsMatter  #GreatAwakening  #TheStorm   #DigitalSoldier   #WeAreTheNewsNow  DOItQ.News

Tentacle of Corruption – All Canals Lead Back to CF and Friends Pt.4/4

WE ARE THE NEWS NOW. @MastersShelby and @Americanlll and @40_head REPORTING PART 1/4 PART 2/4 PART 3/4 @MastersShelby and @Americanlll and @40_head REPORTING PART 1

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